ACCEL is an adaptation of the RE/ACT program specifically designed to suit the needs of youth between the ages of 12-17 years. It is offered in a broad range of learning formats (including in-person, video, group activities and games) and learning styles (visual, auditory, relational, and kinesthetic learning).

ACCEL builds on the innovations of RE/ACT – exploring and finding healing from the complex trauma that shapes our lives.  Beginning with an awareness of trauma, the program builds healthy self regulation tools to help direct our lives in a healthy manner. 

The 8 week course includes a Monday afterschool session introducing one of eight themes. On the weekend there are outdoor activities such as hiking, horses, skateboarding lessons, and more. The time together helps to process what was learned and practiced through the week.

Ongoing support is available through coaches, and monthly alumni meetings.

The requested fee for the ACCEL Intensive is $150, though it is not mandatory.

For more information, please see/ download the brochure below:


Registration is currently open – apply here.