COVID-19 Updates

The ideal environment for working through complex trauma is a safe and welcoming group context. Isolation plays a significant role in addictions and complex trauma, and the cohort model of the RE/ACT program is part of its success. While COVID has presented a number of challenges to gathering together in a cohort, we remain committed to safely creating space for individuals to enter into recovery and thrive beyond complex trauma.
People enter into the RE/ACT program and join a cohort of peers, with a maximum cohort size of fifteen (15). As part of our COVID response, only five (5) people will gather in person, and the other ten (10) will gather online on Zoom. Each week, who gathers in person changes so that there is a blend of in-person and online gathering, and safety for all is prioritized.

The RE/ACT program runs in three phases. Phase 1 is a four (4) week focus on understanding addiction and complex trauma. Phase 2 flows from that, with eight (8) weeks focused on complex trauma in each person’s life. The RE/ACT program operates at two different facilities. Phase 1 and Phase 2 are held in different spaces to minimize the number of people in each space.

Strict and stringent cleaning protocols are undertaken before, during, and after each session. If you have further inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].