1. What is addiction and how does the RE/ACT program help people recover?
    Addictions are expressed in many ways including drugs and alcohol. But an addiction is an attempt to soothe pain within us, from the early parts of our story. RE/ACT addresses the trauma that underlies all addictive tendencies. By identifying the engine that drives addictive behaviour we have a better chance of overcoming our addictions and taking back control of our lives.

  2. Do I need a referral to enter the RE/ACT program?
    No, a referral is not required. Just complete the online application and that will be followed with an interview with RE/ACT’s Director.

  3. Is there a wait list for the RE/ACT program?
    If there is a waiting list it will be explained in the interview after the application is received. New cohort members enter the program every Monday morning.

  4. How long is the RE/ACT program?
    The program runs through two phases. The first phase is 4 weeks and gives an overview of trauma and its effect on our lives. The second phase is 8 weeks and explores a specific theme for the whole week. After graduation there is a voluntary alumni group that meets three times a week that is designed to provide ongoing support in recovery and learning new tools for dealing with adversity.

  5. Can I keep my job while I am in the RE/ACT program?
    The program runs every morning from 9:00 am – noon. Consider asking your employer to provide you the time to complete the program.

  6. If I completed another program, can I apply for the RE/ACT program?
    Yes, one distinctive is the intensive focus on trauma rather than addictive behaviours. The RE/ACT program is a good compliment to other programs offered in the city or off-site programs.

  7. What does it cost to participate in the RE/ACT program?
    Participation is free. The program is funded through donations as the cost of the program is approximately $200 a week. Donations can be made through www.reactwindsor.ca.

  8. Where do you hold the RE/ACT outpatient program?
    React Windsor-Essex is a hybrid model offering the program in person and online. The in-person programming is currently at All Saints Anglican Church and First Baptist Church, both located in downtown Windsor. Online meetings on are Zoom.

  9. Is RE/ACT Windsor-Essex a registered Canadian charity?
    The RE/ACT program is offered through the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative (DWCC) which is a registered charity, #821577400RR00001. All donations over $20 receive a tax receipt at the year end.

  10. What additional supports are provided through the RE/ACT program?
    RE/ACT offers counselling with a coach or therapist on a weekly basis for up to ten sessions; a mentor during the first 5 weeks, and a men’s and women’s support group on Mondays.

  11. Is RE/ACT Windsor-Essex a harm reduction or abstinence model? 
    RE/ACT requires abstinence and at least one week clean before entering the program. It is crucial for healing to identify and face the pain of adverse childhood experiences. If a person relapses during the program they will be asked to take time away to be prepared to re-enter.

  12. Is RE/ACT only for those with an addiction? What if I don’t have an addiction?
    Complex Trauma affects us in numerous ways. The impact can be on our mental, physical and social health. RE/ACT, by focusing on healing from the trauma, can positively affect all areas of our lives.

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