RE/ACT Windsor

RE/ACT provides a safe space for individuals to explore and heal from personal trauma and take back control of their life.

RE/ACT (recovery education for addictions and complex trauma) is a 90-day outpatient program that names the numerous ways trauma shapes our lives, thought patterns, behaviors, and health. During Phase 1 & 2 (90 Days) you will identify and understand trauma’s impact on your life, and begin to develop healthy responses to the adversity that we all experience in our daily lives. In Phase 3 (ongoing care) you can continue to nurture healthy friendships that have developed over the first 90 days through afternoon and evening programming designed to support you in your recovery. There is no financial cost to participate. Each Monday we welcome new cohort members. As each day goes by you will find a safe space to share your story and begin to integrate the information with your experiences in the past, in the present, and find hope for tomorrow.