What is RE/ACT Windsor-Essex

RE/ACT (recovery education for addictions and complex trauma) is a no cost 12-week outpatient (not gender-specific) program that names the numerous ways trauma shapes our lives, thought patterns, behaviours, and health.

The RE/ACT program runs in three phases:
• Phase 1 is a four (4) week focus on understanding addiction and complex trauma.
• Phase 2 flows from that, with eight (8) weeks focused on complex trauma in each person’s life
• Phase 3 is ongoing care and community support.

As a RE/ACT cohort, you will identify and understand trauma’s impact on your life, and begin to develop healthy responses to the adversity that you experience in your daily life. As you progress into ongoing care, you can continue to nurture healthy friendships that have developed over the first 90 days through afternoon and evening programming designed to support you in your recovery.

Each Monday we welcome new cohort members. As each day goes by you will find a safe space to share your story and begin to integrate the information with your experiences in the past, in the present, and find hope for tomorrow.

People enter into the RE/ACT program and join a cohort of peers, with a maximum cohort size of fifteen (15). The RE/ACT program operates at two different facilities.

There is no financial cost to participate.


Step 1:  Step 1: Apply online directly at: apply for RE/ACT Windsor-Essex   
Step 2:  You will receive a phone call within 48 hours to set up a personal assessment with Bob Cameron, RE/ACT Windsor-Essex director (face to face or on Zoom) to review the application, answer any questions, and basic details about the program itself (including location and timeframe). 
Step 3: Attend the next Monday Morning Orientation Session from 8:30am to 9:30am. 
Step 4: Join the Phase 1 Cohort Monday morning after the Orientation Session. 

For more information about the process, contact Bob Cameron, Director of RE/ACT Windsor at 519-903-7629 (text or phone), or through [email protected].


Healing is possible. Freedom can be found. Even the most complex trauma can be faced, understood, and thriving can come from recovery sought in a cohort model.

Finding Freedom

The purpose of Finding Freedom is to raise public awareness about complex trauma through Finding Freedom Media, as well as offer a ‘family-love’ type of support group through Finding Freedom Evenings.

Finding Freedom locations are popping up all over the globe, and thousands of people tune in regularly to Tim’s Talks on Friday nights on social media platforms, and in groups.

The easiest way to connect into the Finding Freedom community in Windsor is through this public Facebook group.

Tim Fletcher

Tim Fletcher is the founder of RE/ACT. You can find out more at https://timfletcher.ca/